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After a few weeks of operating, my classes have been completely transitioned over to Google Classroom. This makes working in a BYOD environment much easier as we are able to clearly communicate and connect the information for our students. The website is now more of a static function with posts or images regarding additional class content. There is still some information in the white box regarding notes, but the vast majority of the material is now directly linked to the Google Classroom.

I would recommend that you as a student keep track of the course material via your Google Drive as well as assignments through the Google Classroom.





New Year – New Process

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As our school year rolls out, it will be a new process as we switch primarily to Google Classroom as the instrument that connects me (the teacher) to my students. I will try and keep the site updated with pertinent information regarding my class (photos, thoughts, blogs, etc) this year.

It will be interesting to see how the students adopt the process and how the connection is made through technology.

Church and Political Struggle (Bible10)

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Today we discussed the idea around church involvement in political and social struggles. We watched the documentary about El Salvador and Oscar Romero. The picture is meant to represent how religion (church) and state had often cooperated in the function of society. However, as Romero began to challenge the impacts of the political struggle in his country, he came to challenge the violent abuse of the population. This image represents the vulnerability of the poor throughout historical class struggles and opens the conversation for the role of the church in the shifting constructs of power within society. enjoy.

Oscar Romero documentary


saturday afternoon…

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dear friends,

I am doing the same thing many of you are doing this weekend, working on my assignment for the class I am trying to finish up by the end of November. Enjoy the beginning of the snow and drink something warm.


Using Debt to build Post WWI

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Here are two simple diagrams to expand on John Green’s CrashCourse material around debt from both an international and American perspective that we discussed in class this morning. It is amazing to see how debt both serves to build the post WWI economies of America and Europe, which ultimately impacts the nationalistic agendas and increased tariffs moving into the 1930s.

CrashCourse – Roaring Twenties
CrashCourse – Great Depression


PostWWI Debt

PostWWI Debt2

Understanding Conflict within Nations (Social 20)

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Here is a brief outline of how a country engages in conflict within their borders. It is meant to simply start the conversation around civil war that causes a struggle for people’s voices to be heard by their government, which often results in violence and then the fleeing of people (displaced or refugees). It generates a struggle for power within the nation-state with a variety of opinions and ideas. We will advance this image with the injection of foreign influence in the coming weeks.

civil war

Rise of Quebec National Identity (1960-80s)

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Here is a very rudimentary picture of the rise of Quebec nationalism. Through the nationalization of the electrical industry and the Quiet Revolution to the War Measures Act (WMA) and eventually the push for Quebec to sign the Canadian Constitution. All of this while the rest of Canada debated the idea of civil liberties within the Canadian context.

This is meant to simply describe the role of national identity within the complicated nature of Canadian politics and identity. enjoy!

Ri1 - Quebec thinking (1960 - 1980s)

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