Well, I was a little caught off guard today as we began class and started with our usual quote of the day.  This rippled into a fascinating discussion about how/why people make choices and the consequences that follow.  Ultimately, it guided us to the idea of free will and its impact in our lives as well as destinies.  Interestingly, the conversation then swung to a discussion about Calvinism/Arminianism and how that affects the way believers and non-believers see themselves in the purpose that God has given us.

Honestly, the class was incredibly interested in this thinking and I left them with a journal challenge to reflect on this as I have to go to some serious biblical research into these two schools of thought so I can respond to the discussion that is bound to happen when we meet again (next thursday).  I hope you can continue this conversation at home and come to class with fresh ideas and backed scripture to support your thinking process.  Thanks for the great thinking and challenging (as well as thought provoking) class.