We have been playing a modified version of a game in my classroom that represents the formation of civilization, the notion of collecting resources, trading and forming alliances as well as creating armies that can attack others (shortly). You have to have a barracks and a dock before you to endeavour on a voyage on conquest. It has been a very interesting moment but I am learning that you need to stop and walk the class through the process of learning during the game.

Today we discussed the idea of how a new “idea” becomes part of a theory and then putting that into practice by building and ultimately creating the desire that you want for your nation. It is an opportunity for me to grow as a teacher as I reflect on how I can use this process in a more manageable method to teacher social 8 and continue to move away from a traditional classroom environment.  I have so many ideas but putting them into a coherent game that reflects the curricular outcomes as well as having student drive innovation/creation is an art form.