Twitter Information

Twitter is a phenomenal resource that allows simply and easy communication between teachers, students and their parents. It allows you to follow me during the semester and see the class updates that I provide throughout the course. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter and do not desire to have an account, you can create a bookmark in your browser and receive the updates on a webpage or look at the right hand side of my website.

Here is that link:

Hashtags: (#ss2oscs)

We use these to allow people to focus on the specific content that I am sending throughout the day. I have many classes but hashtags are specific endings that tell you, the reader, what exact class I am referring to. It simply makes the communication easier to follow and track. I hope this helps with clarity and understanding.

Social 20 – #ss20scs
Social 8 – #ss8scs
Lead 25 – #lead25scs
Bible 10 – #bible10scs


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