Religious Studies 15

One of the main objectives of this course is to build your faith by challenging it. This will be done primarily from an Old Testament perspective which is about God and how He relates to people. It is filled with stories of God’s faithfulness and provision and contains numerous lessons of faith illustrated by the lives of its many fallible characters.

We can grow our faith by learning from their examples – mistakes and triumphs. We will explore important questions like; what is faith? What is the purpose of faith? What role does faith play in my life personally? Other faith challenging questions include; how can a loving God allow evil and oppression in the world? Is Jesus really the only way to God? What does God expect me to do about evil and oppression? How can I live wisely? What is true success? How can I find meaning in life? What can I say to those who have no faith or challenge faith?

Bible 10 is divided into 4 units and our BI/internalization section:

Biblical Interactions/Internalization                            20%
Old Testament Faith                                                     20%
New Testament                                                             20%
Faith and Culture                                                          20%
Faith and Action                                                            20%

Score Code Legends

CO = Complete
PC = Partially Complete
M = Missing
I = Incomplete
NHI = Not Handed In

If you require Bible Course Materials, please look at the white box to the right of this webpage and follow the folder labelled: Bible 10. You will find all the course material, required readings, and open book exams.


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