Ri1 – National Identity

Chapter 1 – Definition of a Nation

“I am Canadian” Commercial

Chapter 2 – Expressions of Nationalism 

Black History – Olympic Protests (I only show the first 10 minutes or so of the video)
MLK – I have a dream speech

Che Guevara – A Brief History
Che’s Beginnings (Part 1)
Che’s Beginnings (Part 2) (I usually only show the first two parts to help with the basics of nationalism, however there are 6 parts to this documentary).

Northwest Rebellion
Louis Riel Hanged

Chapter 4 – Collective Consciousness 

Plains of Abraham
Act of the Union (After the defeat of the rebellions)
Wikipedia Timeline of Canada Expansion
What is Canada? RMR

Quiet Revolution
FLQ Crisis 1970
Trudeau’s Special Status for Canadians

1980 Referendum (permission negotiations of sovereignty)
Meech Lake Failure (Aboriginal voices mentioned here briefly as well)

American Nationalism – 

CrashCourse – Beginnings of American History
CrashCourse – Colonizing America
American Revolution

Chapter 5 – Exploring Loyalties

CrashCourse – The American Revolution
American History Documentary (Part1) – History Channel

Chapter 3 – French Revolution/Napoleon Materials

CrashCourse – French Revolution
CrashCourse – Rise of Nationalism
History Channel – French Revolution


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