Here are a number of links to enable you to download the material presented to play the game. There is a zip file option or all the files are available in a PDF format listed below. enjoy!! – byk

Zip File – in the widget on the right hand side of this page – “Worldview Game” folder

I have also posted in the ‘Worldview Game‘ folder a simplified version that could be more easily adapted for elementary or junior high. It does not have the technology charts and relies on resource accumulation.


Worldview Master List
Rules of Worldview

People Pieces
Markers – Villages, Towns, Cities
Development Cards
Technology Cards
Resources – food
Resources – Metal
Resources – Money
Resources – Population
Resources – Tokens
Resources – Wood

Basic Pieces

Basic – Village
Basic – Town
Basic – Walls
Basic – City
Basic – Road
Basic – Peace Treaty

Basic – Militia
Basic – Artist
Basic – Friar Tuck

Stage Development Document

Completed Technology Chart
SS20 – Worldview Questions 

Worldview Pieces

Point System
Point System(blank)

Technology Charts

Blank – SS20 Technology Development Tree

Technology Culture Cards
Technology Geography Cards
Technology Government Cards
Technology Knowledge Cards
Technology Military Cards
Technology Religion Cards
Technology Wealth Cards


culture – museum cards
culture – national icon cards
culture – theatre cards

geography – caravel card
geography – dock cards
geography – sailboat card

gvrnment – court cards
gvrnment – government cards
gvrnment – palace cards

knowledge – library cards
knowledge – school cards
knowledge – university cards

Military – Barracks Cards
Military – blacksmith cards
MIlitary – stable cards

Religion – Cathedral cards
Religion – church cards
Religion – tomb cards

Wealth – Bank Cards
Wealth – Market Cards
Wealth – Stock Market

Advanced Characters

Expert – Culture Rockstar
Expert – Geography Spy
Expert – Government Politician
Expert – Knowledge Professor
Expert – Military Army
Expert – Religion Priest
Expert – Wealth Stockbroker

Politician – Bonus
Professor – Bonus
Stockbroker – Bonus


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